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By Premier Podiatry
July 24, 2015
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Diabetic Shoes  

If you have diabetes, your health care providers have probably stressed the importance of wearing shoes to keep your feet protected. Diabetic patients, especially those whose condition is poorly controlled, often have neuropathy (nerve damage) and reduced circulationShoes in their extremities, which is detrimental to the healing process if even a minor injury occurs. However, diabetes can actually change the shape of a person's foot over time, meaning that standard footwear may not provide adequate support or defense against wounds. For this reason, the doctors at Premier Podiatry in Marietta, Georgia often recommend special diabetic shoes to their patients who need extra stability.

What diabetic shoes do

Simply put, diabetic shoes offer extra protection from potential injuries to the feet. When a diabetic person suffers a simple blister or cut on their feet or ankles, they may not even feel it due to the nerve damage brought on their condition. Without proper circulation to deliver fresh supplies of blood and nutrients to the wound, it can turn into an ulceration that, at best, can take months to heal. The area can also become infected and even gangrenous, requiring surgery or amputation.

If a diabetic person's shoes do not fit well, they can easily cause blisters or pressure points to form. Diabetic shoes, however, are custom-made for each patient using your Marietta podiatrist's careful measurements. This provides a comfortable and safe environment to keep the foot guarded from potential injuries.

What sets diabetic shoes apart

There are a variety of brands that make diabetic shoes, also called extra depth or therapeutic shoes. They all have similar features, however. Your Marietta podiatrist recommends wearing shoes that are made of soft, high-quality leather, have a wider toe area, and can accommodate custom orthotics for added support. The podiatrists at Premier Podiatry also suggest wearing running or walking shoes to their patients who have less risk of foot injuries and their complications. A prescription can be written for these shoes and their purchase is usually covered by Medicare.

If you're concerned about your footwear leading to larger diabetes-related problems, make an appointment at Premier Podiatry in Marietta with one of our skilled podiatrists, Dr. Cristina Verlazza and Dr. Scott Cohen. They'd be happy to help you get back on your feet in comfort with diabetic shoes.


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