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By Premier Podiatry - East Cobb
November 21, 2014
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If foot or even back pain has made everyday tasks a challenge, orthotics could help lessen symptoms.

Only about 10 percent of the world has normal feet, meaning that they don’t need special care to maintain proper foot health. This means the majority of the population would most likely benefit from the use of orthotics. Orthotics are simply inserts that go into your shoes to support your foot’s anatomical structure and prevent undue pressure.

Do I need orthotics?

Unless you are part of that lucky 10 percent, then most likely your response should be yes. If you experience any of these conditions, then orthotics might be able to alleviate symptoms or prevent injuries.

Pronated feet: This is the most common structural foot problem. Every time someone with pronated feet walks, their arches collapse. Over time, this puts unnecessary pressure on certain parts of the feet, which can begin to negatively impact muscles, ankles, knees, and hips. Over time, this wear and tear on the joints can lead to problems throughout the body, not just the feet. Custom orthotics can correct the misalignment in your feet to provide optimal protection.

High-arch feet: Those with high arches never get the support they need from shoes or over-the-counter orthotics. Not having support for your high-arched feet means that your foot will overstretch and begin to hurt over time. This could even lead to an early case of osteoporosis; however, custom orthotics can give you the proper support you need.

Ask yourself these questions to decide whether orthotics is right for you:

- Do you experience pain? Is the pain below your waist? Does the pain happen mostly during the day while you are active?

- Do you have a chronic foot or ankle injury that doesn’t heal?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then orthotics might just give you the support you need to protect your feet. If you answered no, then you most likely don’t need orthotics (lucky you!).

We offer rigid, soft, and semi-rigid orthotics that promise different advantages depending on your foot’s health and structure. Custom orthotics boasts a variety of benefits from absorbing shock and eliminating pain to increasing balance. Soft orthotics can also help those with diabetes or arthritis.

If you have questions about our custom orthotics or you want to find out how your feet could benefit, then call our office today.

Have orthotics already helped you? If so, we would love to hear in what ways they’ve made your life a bit easier.


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