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By Premier Podiatry
January 30, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Foot Fungus  

How your foot doctors in Marietta can helpfoot fungus

Foot fungus, from athlete’s foot to toenail fungus, is a common problem with annoying signs and symptoms. The good news is there are effective treatments for foot fungus. The bad news is you can spread foot fungus to your partner or family members if you are not careful. Your podiatrists at Premier Podiatry in Marietta, GA, want to help you get relief from foot fungus.

Athlete’s foot can cause burning, itching, redness and peeling of the skin on your feet. The fungus that causes athlete’s foot thrives in moist, warm places like public pools and showers. Toenail fungus can cause thickening, yellowing, darkening and brittleness of your toenails.

Foot fungus can spread among family members, so it’s important to take some precautions to prevent the fungus from spreading. Your podiatrists at Premier Podiatry want you to:

  • Always wear socks or sandals walking around the house. If you go barefoot, other family members can come in contact with the fungus.
  • Give your feet some fresh air; avoid keeping your feet in sweaty socks or shoes where the fungus can thrive.
  • Disinfect your shower and bathtub with an antifungal cleaner after each family member uses it. The tub and shower are a perfect breeding ground for the fungus. Alternatively, each member of your household can wear flip flops in the shower to avoid contact with the fungus.
  • Separate your towels and don’t share towels with other family members. Wash your towels in hot water at least weekly, preferably immediately after use.
  • Wash your sheets at least weekly in hot water.
  • Wash your socks separately in hot water. Use wipes containing chlorine bleach to clean the laundry hamper and other containers which have come in contact with laundry.
  • Remember to wash and dry your feet at least daily. You can try over-the-counter antifungal creams for minor cases of fungal infection. For stubborn cases of athlete’s foot or toenail fungus, it’s best to visit the experts.

Your podiatrists in Marietta offer several effective treatments to kill the fungus and heal your feet. They may suggest prescription anti-fungal medications, prescription strength medicated creams, laser therapy and other treatments.

For more information on how to prevent foot fungus and healing foot therapies, call your podiatrists at Premier Podiatry in Marietta, GA. Keep you and your family members safe from a fungal infection by calling today!


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