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By Premier Podiatry
June 14, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: proper footwear  

If you typically put style ahead of function and support when shopping for shoes, you are not alone. From regular everyday "street" shoes proper footwearto athletic footwear, many people are wearing shoes that do not provide adequate support for their feet and ankles. Common podiatry problems like flat feet (low arches) and plantar fasciitis related heel pain can often be prevented and managed with better support, and orthopedic shoe inserts like orthotics. Dr. Trevor Beach and Dr. I. Cristina Verlezza, podiatrists at Premier Podiatry in Marietta, GA, recommend that you become familiar with your specific foot type (do you have high or low arches for example?) Knowing how much support you need to avoid excessive strain on your feet and ankles is the first step in finding the right shoes to meet both your style and orthopedic needs.

Support Your Feet and Ankles with Orthotics in Marietta

If you have ever walked into an athletic or sporting goods store, chances are you've seen someone walking around in their bare feet while a sales associate looks on. Known as a gait analysis, it can help the sales associate to recommend the best shoe for your foot type. People with flat feet and lower arches can be more prone to pain and foot and ankle strain due to inadequate arch support. Orthotics are a type of removable arch support designed to lift and support your arch during movement to help prevent injuries. They are available both over the counter, or they can be custom designed for your feet for the best fit.

As a rule, look for styles that provide an adequate level of support for you arches and ankles when shopping for athletic or leisure foot wear. Try to avoid overly narrow shoes that crowd the toes, which can increase the risk of developing bunions. Also, consider your activity levels, and wear shoes that will be comfortable if you are going to spend a lot of time on your feet, and that will also protect them from the environment and elements.

Find a Podiatrist in Marietta

To find out if orthotics are right for you, and to learn more about treatment options for foot and ankle pain and injuries, contact Premier Podiatry by calling (770) 971-9820 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Beach or Dr. Verlezza today.


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