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By Premier Podiatry
February 03, 2015
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Heel Pain  

Every time you take a step, you’re placing some amount of pressure on your heel and the arch of your foot. The more you walk, run or participate in athletic activity, the more strain you’re putting on your heel over time. When there’s a problem, pain is your first indication. Find out what exactly might be causing your heel pain so that you can pursue a solution with a doctor at Premier Podiatry, a Marietta practice that specializes in treating these issues.

The Progression of Heel Pain
You may not take pain in your heel very seriously as it progresses, but if it's left untreated over a long period of time it can become unbearable. Heel pain can interfere with your ability to work, walk, exercise and carry out other common daily activities. Heel pain often starts with sharp, occasional shooting pains, then progresses to swelling and constant pain that you can feel even when you’re sitting down. 

Causes of Heel Pain
One of the top causes of heel pain is plantar fasciitis (sometimes called heel spur syndrome). This is a condition caused by trouble with the tendon that runs from the toes to the heel. Pain in the heel usually starts where the tissue connects with the heel bone. Another common cause of heel pain is called heel bursitis. In this case, the small sacs of fluid that surround your heel become inflamed, causing pain.

Treatments for Heel Pain 
Your Marietta podiatrist treats heel pain conservatively at first, then more aggressively depending on how the foot reacts to the treatment. Options include anti-inflammatory medications, icing, special heel exercises, physical therapy with a doctor and orthotic shoes or inserts. In some cases, a therapy called Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment helps relieve heel pain.

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